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Are you a sports analyst, coach or athlete looking to take performance to the next level? SportsViz could be the partner to help you find that competitive edge.

SportsViz is a spinout company of Swansea University. It was founded so that a group of leading scientists could take cutting-edge research and put it in the hands of leading sports practitioners to help them analyse and better understand performance analysis.

Our mission is to break the cycle of spreadsheet based numerical analysis
that is drowning analysis in a fog of meaningless numbers.

Complex Data Analysis, Visualization, Video, Accelerometer and GPS based solutions are key new tools for delivering a new depth of performance analysis.

SportsViz is pushing the boundaries of these technologies, to produce solutions that radically transform data into useable information to help leading coaches and athletes understand more and make better decisions.

Since our formation over 10 years ago, SportsViz has built a multidisciplinary team of skilled scientists and software developers who specialise in producing solutions to our client information needs. We offer a range of ready-made software tools and bespoke development services, as well as consultancy and commercial access to the world-leading resources available at the new £450 million engineering campus at Swansea University.

SportsViz software apps put information in the hands of coaches and athletes in a format that is intuitive, easy to use and powerful for decision making. 

Analysis Apps

SportsViz has a talented team of App developers working with Apple iOS, Android and Windows. We develop our own applications for download, where we try and offer low cost but also highly useful tools for analysts….


Bespoke Software

Although our team enjoy developing simple and powerful tools to make data analysis more accessible and easier to use, our passion is for getting our teeth into really complex problems that can make a huge difference…


Consultancy & Research

Sportsviz welcomes the opportunity to engage in applied research with sports clubs, teams, companies and industrial collaborators. There are a broad range of ways to do this, each of which can be tailored to the…


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