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Sportsviz has access to state-of-the-art facilities at Swansea University’s Bay Campus. It’s sport science motion analysis laboratory is a large space dedicated to the measurement and analysis of human movement.

The main items of equipment are:

  • Vicon 3D motion capture cameras, capture speed up to 1000 frames per second.
  • Video cameras and software for video analysis in two and three dimensions, frame rates up to 350 Hz.
  • Kistler force plates for gait analysis.
  • Electronic tags for a multitude of applications, including accelerometers, magnetometers, GPS etc.




3d-motion-capture-system3D motion capture can be applied to study the kinematics and kinetics of human movements and can help in the study of sports injuries, sports techniques, gait analysis, equipment design. The 3D motion data obtained can also be applied to animation. The motion capture system will record the three-dimensional (x,y,z) coordinates of small spherical markers placed on the body and the markers can then be tracked thus producing three dimensional trajectories. For example, the system can be applied to:

  • Analysis of a golf swing.
  • A football penalty kick.
  • Analysing the gait pattern of a patient with osteoarthritis.
  • investigation of a mechanical aid for lifting a weight.

Video analysis can give valuable data on linear and angular motion using sophisticated analysis software. The video clips can be calibrated, digitised and annotated with time markers, angular positions and reference lines.

Kistler force platforms are used for biomechanics analysis and can measure three perpendicular force components at speeds up to 2000 Hz. They can be applied to:

  • The measurement of shock and impact forces in walking and running.
  • The cushioning effect of various types of shoe.
  • Balance and stability by tracking the motion of the centre of gravity.

kistler-force-platformsElectronics tags have been developed at Swansea University for recording the movement of animals and humans over short and extended time intervals. These devices are capable of recording movement signals with a view to identifying various movement categories or to estimate the physical activity of individuals over a number of days. Extensive software libraries are provided for in-depth analysis of tag data.

In our exercise physiology laboratories, an important technique is to employ wireless, portable cardiopulmonary stress testing. For example, the Oxycon™ mobile device lets you determine breath-by-breath metabolic response to exercise, work or other activities that stationary metabolic systems cannot measure.

Additional Slides Image Credits: A-STEM Swansea University


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